vedic havan

Vedic Havan

Yagna or “Havan” as it is more popularly known has been a very strong part of the “Dharma” that we preach and follow. It was considered by Swami Dayanand as one of the essential daily five duties of Aryans.

Yagna is not merely a ritual, but it is a complete way of life. The spirit of rising over and above self-interest to make voluntary sacrifice for the good of the human masses and of all animate beings, and to obtain individual well being through the good and well being of all

vedic havan

Baby Naming Ceremony

Namakarna Sanskaar is the fifth Vedic Sacrament, it is accomplished for the naming of the new-born.
It is very important to select a nice name for the child; the name should be meaningful which fulfills all the desires of the child. Whenever the child hears the name he will remember the meaning and purpose hidden in it and will be inspired by its meaning.

In the Hindu Dharma, the child is frequently named after an avatar, deity, god (if boy), goddess (if girl) saint, etc., as a constant reminder of the sacred values for which that name represents. The person rises above in life with these names. This is found only in Vedic culture.

vedic havan

Bhoomi Pooja

The Bhumi Pujan is a customary ritual that is performed before initiating construction or land tilling activities for agricultural purposes. Earth and Nature are considered very auspicious in Hinduism. Therefore, the Bhumi is worshipped before the commencement of a monument or residential/commercial/ industrial project to seek the blessings of the God.

A small portion of the land is dug, and the rituals are performed before laying the foundation stone.

Thus, by performing the Bhumi Pujan, one seeks the blessings of the Almighty for carrying out the project without facing hurdles.

vedic havan

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Ceremony also called Janam Diwas Sanskar, is another important Sanskar. In modern times, the manner of celebrating birthdays has undergone many changes.

According to Hindu Dharma Shastras, a person’s birthday should be celebrated by organizing a special yagya because it cleanses one’s soul and purifies it in a specific manner. The importance of it further increases because of being born in a human life.

vedic havan

Vedic Katha Pravachan

Satsang is a group of people coming together with like-minded people who engage in similar (spiritual) aspirations. The root words, sat and sanga, mean “true” and “community,” respectively; therefore, Satsang may also be thought of as friendship or relationship with the truth itself.

With the right people, culture, and values, you can accomplish great things. With the right vibes and the right people, it’s easy to create something magical. Meetings should have as few people as possible, but all the right people.

Vivah Sanskar

Vivah Sanskar

Vedic Hindu marriage is viewed as sacramental. It is the strongest bond between a man and a woman, which takes place in the presence of their parents, relatives, and friends. This an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime.

Marriage is for spiritual growth and a way of learning many things in life through experience. In other words, it is a perfect way of following the holy law of the Creator.

vedic havan

Vahan Pooja

Vahan Pooja, in which the owner will pray for a new car to help it become harmonious to the house and avoid any bad lucks in the future. This tradition is of great importance since it will show gratitude to god, help protect the car and the driver from misfortunes and accidents.